After a lot of work we are proudly announcing PeN-LAB v6.5.0.0.

This newest version features depth database support with great capabilities:

Metric depth database with resolution of 5 centimeters per record.

Foot depth database with resolution of 1/5th of the foot (around 6.096 cm) per record.

Whole set of real-time parameters is recorded into database (same as in case of time database).

Additional enhancements are:

W.I.T.S. Level 0
Added support for sending supported fields of the record #4: Hydraulics, #7: Survey/Directional, #8: Survey/Directional,#9: MWD - Mechanical, #22: Remarks

Real-time parameters
Added over 40 brand new real-time parameters.

Added new unit groups and units.

Keep alive record is sent to the device connected to the COM port to tell the device that we are still reading the data and that we want the PASON EDR device to continue sending records.

Various fixes and optimizations.

Simplified installation procedure.

PeN-LAB Development Team