After successful initial evaluation period, 'Geofizyka Torun', Poland based company, has purchased new 'PeN-LAB Full Package WITS' license. Read more about New PeN-LAB Full Package WITS license delivered to 'Geofizyka Torun'

N-LAB is finalizing the sale of one new PeN-LAB Full Package DAI' license with acquisition system, to the new customer, Turkey based company 'Güney Yildizi Petrol'. Read more about Preparing to ship the new PeN-LAB Full Package DAI with acquisition system

We have just released new PeN-LAB software update v6.1.0.0 to our registered customers.

This update among other things brings:
- Increased number of channels per track in RT Graphics application which now has capacity of 32 simultaneous graphics channels.
- Support for new PCI bus acquisition cards: PCI-1780, PCI 1784.
- Full support for traveling block position. Read more about PeN-LAB new update v6.1.0.0 - Drilling Monitoring; Mud Logging; Log Drawing; Remote Data Link System

Iraq based company, has ordered additional 'PeN-LAB Full Package DAI' software packages for drilling monitoring, data collection and mudlogging, and preloaded and configured hardware digital acquisition systems ( DAS ).

Customer has also ordered 10 'Data Link Client' licenses, for remote drilling monitoring and supervision. Read more about New mudlogging and drilling monitoring licenes ordered by the custormer in Iraq

N-LAB's Quality Management System re-certification and harmonization with new ISO 9001:2008 standard, has successfully completed. Read more about Quality Management System Recertification

On the September 9th, 2010, N-LAB has finalized sale of one new 'PeN-LAB Full Package DAI' license, to Turkey based company Thrace Basin Natural Gas.
This is already third Turkish company that uses PeN-LAB Software during Drilling Monitoring and Mudlogging operations. Read more about Third company in Turkey purchases PeN-LAB Full Package

Iraqy company OILSERV ordered, and N-LAB Software successfully delivered 3 additional licenses for PeN-LAB remote monitoring mud logging solution. Read more about Additional PeN-LAB DL Licenses for Iraq

N-LAB Software successfully delivered 3 completes of data acquisition and PeN-LAB DAI Software to Iraq company "OilServ - Oilfield Services Company". Read more about Delivery of PeN-LAB Licenses and Equipment for Iraq

As an intermediary step to unlimited number of bits/cores in PeN-LAB System, we have added support for 500 bits/cores, especially for the continues coring wells.

PeN-LAB Team Read more about Added Support for 500 Bits/Cores

Our next PeN-LAB software version, scheduled to be released in October, 2010, will bring the third type of interface compatible with W.I.T.S. Level  specification.

W.I.T.S. interface will be alternative for present PeN-LAB SCI and PeN-LAB DAI interfaces which are data acquisition hardware i.e. protocol dependent interfaces.

  Read more about W.I.T.S. interface in next PeN-LAB SW version