We have proudly finished our work on v7.1.0.0.

We have been working on v7.0.0.0 and finished it so we like to share that with you.

We have been working on v6.9.0.0 for a fairly long time but we think it was worth it.

mud logging units renewal solution includes PeN-LAB Software and data acquisition system (SCI or DAI or WITS).

After a lot of work we are proudly announcing PeN-LAB v6.5.0.0.

Expanding both, resolution and number of recorded values, will be the main focus in our next PeN-LAB Software update.

It's official now. Last (inhabited) continent has been conquered.

PeN-LAB Version has been released today.

It comes with many new features, improvements and fixes.

Two most important features are:

- Real-time comments are now transferred along the Data Link System

- Support for new configurable real-time screen which utilizes several types of gauge controls has been added to the RT Numerics applciation. This feature is very often requested by the customers.

These features are followed by a long list of other important and useful improvement listed in the attached 'PeN-LAB v6.3 Release Notes'.

New, Egypt based, company is evaluating 'PeN-LAB Full Package WITS', which is W.I.T.S. Level 0 compatible product from the series of PeN-LAB Full Package products.

After successful initial evaluation period, 'Geofizyka Torun', Poland based company, has purchased new 'PeN-LAB Full Package WITS' license.